aker-programme-budgetThe total budget of the AKER program is 18.5 M€ (including a total grant of 5 M€). 94.6 % of the budget is dedicated to research and development, 3.7 % to management and 1.7 % to dissemination. The spread of budget across the partners and work-packages shows a high financial investment in the programme by the breeding company Florimond Desprez (58 % of the total budget), the exceptional financial effort of the sugar beet industry (SNFS and CGB) via the involvement of ITB (16 % of the AKER budget) and a very significant input from the public laboratories and institutes including INRA, GEVES and ITAP (CEMAGREF) (26 % of the total budget).

The AKER programme will mobilize a total human resource of 1,765 person-months, of which 1,019 are permanent staff. The distribution between the work-packages highlights the importance of phenotyping in the programme: more than 62 % is dedicated to phenotyping, 36.5% in other scientific work-packages, 0.8% in dissemination and 0.4% in programme management.